Best Caption Ever

Today’s New York Times has a small story on page A19:

In a futile effort to evade the police, Norman Thompson, wanted in a car theft, leapt from a balcony in Lewiston, Me., on Wednesday, only to be handcuffed after being tackled by Russ Dillingham, a news photographer. “I always kind of wondered what Id do in a situation like that,” Mr. Dillingham said.

The accompanying dramatic photo of the leap and the rather less dramatic photo of the handcuffing are captioned “Photos by Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal, via Associated Press.”

What, no link or scan? Put Fair Use to work! :)

It’s not a question of legalities. No link because the online version at the Times isn’t as perfectly pithy; no scan because I’m lazy.

The power of the Internet has failed me again. So sad. :(

My snarkiness aside, if the online version has the photos, your transcription of the caption would let us put it all together. :)