I Feel So Special

Your paper entitled, “Modeling Cultural Cognition” was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for HRN Philosophy Network, PHIL Philosophy Subject Matter Journals, PLAW: Legal Theories, Policies & Practices, Law & Society (Topic), Philosophy of Law, Political Methods Journals, Political Methods: Qualitative & Multiple Methods and QMM: Qualitative Measures (Topic). …

As of 08/15/2007 your paper has been downloaded 12 times.

To put that in perspective, this video of a hamster eating Cheerios was viewed ten thousand times in an hour yesterday.

That hamster must feel super special!

I just pushed you to your the 15th download. If you compare the number downloads your paper has to the number of Cheerio’s that the hampster was able to eat, you’re catching up!

yeah but the hamster himself watched that video 9,989 times, so in fact public interest in your paper & his video is about equal

You could hire the hamster to make a short film based on your paper…