Neighborhoods with Personalities

Aislinn observed today that the list of Jersey City neighborhoods sounds like the cast of characters from a pirate epic.

  • Harsimus Cove is the villain. The name has the same metrical structure as good old Optimus Prime, but the “har” has darker overtones.
  • Paulus Hook, we decided after some discussion, is probably Captain James Hook’s brother, who took losing a hand with more equanimity and devoted his life to good, rather than evil.
  • Hamilton Park is the merchant whose treasure was stolen by Captain Cove, setting the plot in train.
  • Lord Newport and his wife, Lady Pavonia, are mixed up in it somehow.

And once again, poor old Journal Square isn’t cool enough to be mentioned (nor her relative, McGinley). Lil India also merits a shout out.

While we’re on nautical themes, the whole Gold Coast is a good place for a pirate epic.