Praise for the Author

At any rate, [James Grimmelmann] comes of as a ridiculous d-bag in this review. The man wouldn’t know chick-lit humor if it bit him in the butt.

Having gone to law school with James Grimmelman, I’ve gotta say I wouldn’t trust much of anything he has to say, and particularly wouldn’t trust his reviews of novels. … Grimmelman is a status whore and likely uncorked this hatchet job to curry favor with 3d Circuit judges and their friends.

James Gimmelman is a massive tool. He’s an incredibly smug individual with so very little to be smug about.

(from comments at Above the Law)

Actually, these seem to be comments on some other guy - some Gimmelman fellow. So no worries there, unless of course he steals your identity and goes on a massive review-writing spree.

Rao seems to have a lot of friends, or else one friend who likes to post a lot of anonymous comments.
It’s hard to believe that the ones who claim to know from personal exposure what an awful person you are, James, wouldn’t go to the trouble of learning to spell your name correctly, or at least to copy it correctly from the review they are criticizing.

I’d say you have an okay amount to be smug about, actually. And even despite that, you are not smug.