The Virtues of Moderation, Version 0.1

I’ve put my slides from my presentation at the Commons Theory Workshop online. This was my first serious experiment in giving a presentation without bullet points. I was strongly influenced by Matt Haughey’s stunning Making Money Blogging presentation. (He cites Beyond Bullet Points as the source of his style, but I found it unhelpfully rigid. Better just to look at Matt’s presentation and ask yourself why it works.) For art, I used pictures from Flickr, mostly those under Creative Commons licenses. I hope soon to write up my experiences in clearing the photo permissions.

Be warned first that the file is 7.8 megabytes because of all the pretty pictures, and second that due to my being a blockhead and leaving my video dongle at home, I wound up not having my notes in front of me as I gave the presentation, so that the words on the screen bear only a distant familial resemblance to what I actually said.

Revising the draft paper to which the presentation pertains is one of my projects for the summer. The paper itself is still only in private alpha release, but if you’re intrigued like to be added to the alpha test group, please squirt me an email and I’d be happy to send it along.

Hmm, but isn’t each slide merely a bullet point for the whole presentation? Isn’t that what the “Point” in “PowerPoint” is there for?


I’ve experimented with all-visual/all-text slide decks before, but I don’t think I’ve got the graphical chops to pull off something this visually pleasing. Well done.

It reminds me a lot about the visual style of Quentin Fiore in “The Medium is the Massage”… Very nice, and very interesting.