From the Annals of Bad Architecture

I saw the following design travesties while looking at apartments this week:

  • Of a carpeted apartment, “The current occupant is a smoker. Don’t worry; we fully clean all the apartments before new tenants move in.”

  • A ninth-floor apartment with eastern exposure, overlooking a train yard, and beyond that, the Hudson. The apartment has large glass exterior windows in the living room. The bedroom, further inside, opens onto the living room with a pair of French (i.e. mostly glass) doors.

  • Being told not to worry about the guy sleeping on a futon in the living room.

  • A duplex with the living room and kitchen upstairs on the entry level, and the bedroom downstairs on the garden level. There’s a bathroom on each floor. The bathtub is in the upstairs one.

  • A building-wide wireless network; no Ethernet jacks.

  • Of an apartment listed as two-bedroom, “There’s a second door there because the state of New Jersey says that it can’t be a bedroom unless it has a window, so the door is there to make it a den.”

  • French doors opening out onto a two-foot-wide strip of grass surrounding the building. The strip is fenced about with a mostly-open ironwork lattice; the sidewalk is about a foot or two below the strip.

If you can see what’s wrong with these pictures, then you’re doing better than the owners.

Sounds a lot like my apartment hunt! and don’t forget about the marvelous “fake stone siding” that was all the rage in the fifties.

I had the identical experience re “futon guy”…the poor beleaguered tenants—they didn’t even stir—they’d just gotten used to being barged in on.

another place featured one window, overlooking an air shaft. but only 900 a month!