Next: The Future Just Happened I give it 2 stars

Some good reporting and a basically correct thesis, but a very sour tone. Also, the plural of “anecdote” is not “data.” Perhaps appropriately, it reads like a rush job.

Your “two stars” image, when viewed in the RSS feed, displays as a large picture of what looks like tentacle-in-a-can. Are you using some kind of referrer-based detection to deter people from deep-linking to your images? If so, you might want to disable it for images that you include in the feed.

Also, the title of the book is referring back to rather than to Amazon.

For those who are interested, the scary photo is from here:

Supposedly it’s a salmon head accidentally placed into a can of herring.

Thanks. I’ve fixed the link. The fish heads have to do with some folks who’ve been inlining some of the images I host here; I’m sorry to have thrust that upon my poor readers. I’ve narrowed the rewrite rule at issue; it shouldn’t be giving that problem to people on RSS feeds any more.