From the Awesome Files: CC Learn

Creative Commons is launching a new division called “CC Learn.” I’m not sure what I think of the name, but the mission is wonderful. They’ll work with educational material for people of all ages. As with their original licenses and Science Commons, the goal will be to supply the necessary tools for interoperability among those who want to share ideas. That would include legal licenses, common interchange formats, and an awful lot of publicity for the sharing principle. The new project will work with everything from textbooks to self-study quiz questions to try-this-at-home experiments to do with your kids. It’s a great idea, and kudos to the CC people for bringing their unique organizational talents to the collaborative effort on this important project.

Sound good to you? Got an interest in education and open access? Want to help out in a big way? CC is looking to hire an executive director for CC Learn. If you or someone you know would be perfect for the job and would like to work with a great group of people, have them get in touch with CC.