Some Travel Observations (with Occasional Related Questions)

Is Yogi Berra writing for Google Maps? At one point, the directions to the airport read “Take the fork.”

There was a large Catholic school kids’ orchestra in line at the security checkpoint. Are music stands “club-like objects?”

I haven’t flown in a while, so I wasn’t completely up on the new rules. I remembered not to bring nail scissors, but forgot about the no-liquids rule. I got the pockets-emptying drill mostly right, but didn’t take the laptop out of its bag, thereby triggering the Dread Bag Check. The security screeners were very nice about the whole business.

PHL is hands-down the least unpleasant airport I have had to spend significant time in. The Catholic school group played a lunchtime concert at the main food court (there are, sensibly, smaller ones at places along the terminal.) I had a Thai-ish chicken salad for lunch that was actually good. The art is actually interesting—right now, they’ve got a display of geometric sculptures by Robinson Friedland. And the restrooms have large light panels that simulate daylight, making the interiors feel all natural and healthy. All of which raises a very important pair of questions. From what other city did Philadelphia steal an airport, and when are they going to come claim it back?

The in-flight film was announced as “Royal Casino.” Was the flight attendant a native French speaker?

And when did they start advertising airline-branded credit cards over the PA system? I feel bad for the poor flight attendant forced to read the remarkably long script.

Yes, I am on the road. I’ll be at the Berkeley conference on DRM and consumer rights Friday and Saturday.

A music stand may not be club-like, but a school orchestra certainly is!