Share and Enjoy 3.0

I know that I just revised the Creative Commons license on this site, but they’ve gone and done a version bump on me. (The version bump wasn’t a surprise, and neither were the changes, but the timing of the change was up in the air for a while.) Well, nothing to do but keep up with the Joneses: I’ve put the Lab under a version 3.0 license.

The actual changes involved will probably be of interest only to license geeks. The most visible change to you, the reader, is that the license is now a “Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States” license, rather than just a “Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution” license. That’s because instead of the United States license being the default, you now need to pick the U.S. specifically if you want a license tailored to U.S. law. (A new “unported” license contains language not tailored to any one country.) The CC licenses have been a global phenomenon for a long time; this change puts the U.S. on the same footing as other countries.