Digital Cops in a Published Environment

I hold in my hands a copy of Cybercrime: Digital Cops in a Networked Environment, just out from the Ex Machina series from N.Y.U. Press. I’m one of six editors of this collection of essays, so while my proportional contribution to the volume is not huge, it’s my first genuinely published book. Way back in the day, I wrote a solutions manual for a computer science textbook, but it’s in the nature of solutions manuals that they’re kept under lock and key. The cybercrime book, though, this one you can buy. Be the first on your block to own a copy!

Addendum: To be perfectly honest, I put the book down while I wrote this entry; holding it in my hands was proving incompatible with typing.

Occasions for congratulations fly thick and fast, it seems. Allow me to proffer a hope that we can find a few hours in the same city, so that I can buy you a drink or two, sometime before the sheer magnitude of your accumulated accomplishments becomes such that in merely extending the offer I risk bankruptcy.

Glad it’s out, James.

Don’t tell me that you found out it was out from this blog. You’re one of the authors. My copies were misdirected at first; I hope yours didn’t suffer a worse fate.