Frontiers of Fashion

Imagine, in a time not too far in the future, that big sleeves become incredibly fashionable. I’m thinking either of shirt equivalents to bell bottoms, taken to a ridiculous extreme so that the cuffs are two feet across or more; or perhaps a revival of the medieval style of sleeves whose elbows reach almost to the ground. Imagine, too, that this fashion is nearly universal; in your average department store, you won’t find any non-enormous sleeves.

Given this background, what profession would be most susceptible to an ill-advised adherence to this trend of big sleeves? It can’t be some profession where the sleeves really aren’t a problem, such as telemarketer. It also can’t be some profession for which gigundo sleeves would be such a problem that they would refuse to bow to fashion, such as the military.

Aislinn suggested “preschool teacher,” which I think pretty much hits the sweet spot. Grotesquely large sleeves would be disastrous when dealing with unruly kneebiters—and yet, it’s all too easy to envision big-sleeve storytime. We agreed that most professions with official required uniforms probably wouldn’t change too much, but I can certainly see various alterations in tailoring to make one’s shirt suggest enormity of sleeve without quite going there.