Steve Ballmer’s Office

SteveB’s office is smaller than at least one of my offices from when I was at Microsoft. John Gruber makes the catch with a pithy line about the caption. There are lots of other great details in the photo if you look closely:

  • Is that a bottle of wine on the low cabinet to the right of his desk?
  • He’s got a corner office. For a while, I had one too. That was counterbalanced by the offices from which you couldn’t tell whether it was light or dark out.
  • Is that a whiteboard or a corkboard on the wall? The tray at the bottom screams “whiteboard,” but he’s using it like a corkboard.
  • The drawing at far right appears to be a crayon illustration of a blue dinosaur with four legs and an absurdly long neck.
  • That monitor is sooo 2003. SteveB might be the only person at Microsoft with a monitor that small. No wonder he’s squinting at it.