Crud Control

Well, the dentist was a little disconcerted that a bit of my tooth just up and left. I’d kind of figured that while it might be a mystery to me why I would suddenly be missing a chunk o’ tooth, at least a dental professional could draw upon his knowledge of the black magic and arcane lore of denticalry to explain what had happened. But no. So that’s a little worrisome.

But on the brighter side, he sealed up the hole with one of those crazy-bizzare sealants known only to the Hierophantic Order of Oral Thaumaturgy and all seems to be well. I was in and out of the office in 45 minutes, my wallet lighter by a surprisingly paltry number of quid. I’m still comically numb in my lower-right jaw quadrant (which will make my 10:00 presentataion rather interesting), but otherwise things are pretty much back to what passes for normal in my mouth.