A Question for the Mac Masters

What graphical (S)FTP program do you recommend? I can limp by with command-line tools, but would prefer to use something powerful and intuitive. Something genuinely at home on the Mac, that is.

well, the one i’ve been hearing about the longest is Transmit; other OS X clients i’ve heard of include CaptainFTP and CuteFTP.

you may also recall Interarchy from the pre-OS X days. then again, there’s always the stalwart Fetch, which always kind of sucked, but is at least no worse in its OS X incarnation.

personally, i find none of these particularly powerful or intuitive; my client of choice is still NcFTP, installed via Fink, for what it’s worth.


Transmit is a great program if you can stomach paying for an FTP client.

I used Cyberduck before I had Transmit. I was happy with it, except it crashed occasionally. This was a few years ago.

Aw, Fetch didn’t suck on Mac OS 9. I quite loved it, way back when. It doesn’t seem at home on Mac OS X, though.

I use fugu, my fallback is CyberDuck though Transmit is worth it if you don’t mind paying for it.