A Few Forthcoming Titles

Based on our recent experience in (successfully) attempting to marry each other, Aislinn and I are considering writing a series of wedding planning books. Here are some excerpts.

From Zen and the Art of Wedding Planning:

All plans are an illusion. The future is unknowable, uncontrollable. To plan is to fall into error. The stone in the streambed does not plan the course of the river; at most, it suggests how the waters might choose to flow for a bit. The best way to have a great wedding is not to strive to have a perfect wedding.

Learn to accept formlessness, spontaneity, surprise. They will be your companions, whether you will it or not. If there is a roll of duct tape on the lectern during the ceremony, you can choose whether to laugh or to curse, but you cannot choose to go back in time to remove it.

From Machiavelli on Weddings:

The bridesmaids, being naturally strong-willed, require a strong-willed leader. The alert bride must constantly watch them for signs of revolt, stepping in with sure guidance when they question her authority. Yet, because of their power and guile, they will not easily be dominated, and the wise bride leads them by example and suggestion, rather than by shows of force or tears.

Never is the maxim that knowledge is power more true than when it comes to invitations, programs, and other written matters. He who sees them last can call their tune. You must not invite others into the writing unless you are prepared to hear that their ideas may differ from yours

Thank you to all who participated and sent us warm wishes. We couldn’t be happier.