Eyes Wanted

I’m working on revising a draft book chapter on virtual worlds at the moment. It’s a book of legal and business advice for game developers; my chapter is the one specific to virtual worlds. It takes the form of a clause-by-clause analysis of the software licenses you have to “agree” to in order to play. (I picked this structure because the license makes for a nice index to the legal issues involved in running a world.) The goal is to give developers and lawyers alike a useful guide to virtual world law. Pure candy, if you ask me.

If any of you out there in Laboratorium-land feel like giving it a read over, I’d be grateful for any comments and suggestions. It’s meant for game developers, so little or no legal background should be necessary. The whole thing is a rather daunting length, but I’d be quite happy with feedback on even a portion of it. Send me an email if this sounds interesting.