I just discovered that a few of my older email aliases were forwarding to an account that no longer exists. This probably wasn’t too much of an issue with the myevilsite adresses, but my main laboratorium address was basically a bounce magnet. My apologies. It’s working now.

Of course, my laboratorium email addresses are deprecated anyway, in favor of the one listed here. Indeed, it strikes me that the set of people who’d have been emailing me at the laboratorium address, who wouldn’t check my site for a more up-to-date one if that first one started bouncing is probably empty, and who will see any notices posted to this blog—is probably empty. Nevertheless, if that’s you, you know what to do.

Sadly, I realize now that this implicit forward-to-dev-null was probably also responsible for the decrease in spam I’ve noticed recently. I expect my spam folder to return to a more heated level of activity now. I’ve gotten four spams in the time it took me to type out this blog entry …