Therefore Congratulations

I am lately return’d from the Wedding of Miranda Gaw & A———, which I am pleas’d to report was passing Joyous & much Affecting. The happy couple was much toast’d by the assembled Guests, who were in some cases themselves quite pleasntly toast’d. All were agreed that no finer occasion could have been wish’d for, & that it was the veritable Apogee of the Season.

The Grand Procession was led by two Pages in the green-&-gold Livery of Her Etherial Majesty the Queen of Mercia, who remembers well the remarkable Services the estimable Gaw rendered her in the late Crisis. The Couple follow’d, well escort’d by a company of Venerable Guardsmen in the service of the Duke of the Alpine Marches, who has ever been A———‘s great Friend & Patron. All were impress’d at the kind display of these two Noble Personages, when there came a cry and a flock of Starlings rose and wheel’d overhead.

When the attention of the company was return’d earthward, it was seen to much wonderment that the Couple were wreath’d in a gentle mist that flicker’d as the evening’s first starlight, & upon the gentle Miranda’s brow was set a wreath of gold-thread’d leaves of alder and rowan. (Such are describ’d by Julian of Lyme, but ‘til now, the good Julian’s account has been unfairly doubt’d as Exaggeration.) Before them stood the Autumn King with his three attendants, who bow’d gravely.

Then, all was as before, save that Miranda’s radiance was yet undimm’d, & A———‘s high dignity almost Palpable in his Noble carriage. They spoke then their Vows & the hearts of all were mov’d greatly with Pride & Love. Feasting & Dancing follow’d, until too soon was rung the hour of Departure from that Blessed place.