Perimeter Alarum

This morning, somewhere between sunrise and the time I intended to wake up, I heard some kind of a thump from the direction of my living room. My eyes flicked open just in time to see something moving, also in that same general direction. There may have been a follow-up thump, but by this point the adrenaline was drowning out all sound and most rational thought.

I didn’t hear any further noise, and I figured that if there were a burglar about, he was unlikely to have heard my eyes flicking open (and thus was likely to have continued his thumping ways, if he’d been the thumper). So I got up and looked around my living room, which seemed undisturbed.

Outside, however, on the porch, I saw a large smashed flowerpot. It wasn’t clear whether it fell from above or was tossed onto the porch. Not that the latter makes much sense, but hey, it was possible. In any case, since there didn’t seem to be any immediate threat, I went back and got the rest of my sleep. By the time I woke up for real, all traces of the pot and asociated scattered dirt had disappeared.