The 5000 Questions of Dr. T.

Given the volume and triviality of the material the bar exam tests, not to mention the high stakes, people take studying for it quite seriously. I’ve recently come into possession of a cache of study aids; it appears to be the agglomeration of several people’s test prep materials. (I’m just a temporary beneficiary; after I take the exam, I’m expected to pass them along to another student in need. Fee tail, anyone?)

In addition to two kinds of flash cards, an overall textbook and separately bound mini-books for each subject area, CDs, xeroxed lecture notes, and laminated subject-at-a-glance binder inserts, the box is filled with book after book after book of sample bar-exam multiple-choice questions. I have nine books (from seven different publishers) with just over 5,000 sample questions. By way of comparison, the actual exam has 200. Just in case, you know, I decide to take twenty-five practice tests.

With this much material, I could just about construct a mechanical man to go in and take the exam for me. The hardest part would be getting it to pass the fingerprint check.