Strategy Memo

Some free advice for the Kerry campaign or anyone anti-Bush with some ad money to spend. If …

  • The U.S. invaded Iraq, in large part, because Bush thought Iraq had WMDs, and
  • The administration got much of its WMD info from Tommy Flanagan Chalabi’s INC, but
  • Most of that info was bogus, perhaps because
  • As now seems likely, Chalabi was working for the Iranians,

… then Iran manipulated us into invading Iraq. (The reason doesn’t seem hard to see—a wave of anti-American sentiment has to work to the benefit of the Iranian clerical government by taking some of the wind out of the sails of the reformers.)

Do you understand what a good TV buy this one is? The message is simple: George Bush was stupid enough to be tricked into war by one of the worst nations on earth. This one is perfect jujitsu: it highlights Bush’s weaknesses while pointing out how his “strengths” are actually weaknesses, too. Some bad guys manipulated Bush’s hatred of bad guys to bend him to their will: in his overly simplified view of things, the possibility that there might be multiple sorts of bad guys doesn’t even come up.

The whole leaking classified information to the INC so they could pass it on to the Iranians is a good line, too, but it shouldn’t distract from real the dynamite here: we’ve been played for patsies by the Axis of Evil.