Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spam

As spam filters get more sophisticated, spammers seem to be developing their own increasingly sophisticated tricks to fool the filters. Some subject lines simply won't get through, so you see things like "Subject: R.E.F.I.N.A.N.C.E. yr m#e#m#b#e#r qxaeria" in which the most spammish terms are obscured and some random gibberish inserted to mimic the appearance of legitimate email.

Now, of late, I've been seeing actual grammatical English text in place of the gibberish now and then. Thus:

We are now open Have you lost your sex appeal?

M28111 Image loading. Thank you for your time. The square will open redhat.net

Xi oqlirqcwl awkklhh One day her husband went to a distant place to hunt with other men. There were left at his home with this woman only her father-in-law, her mother-in-law, and a girl who nursed the little child.

Which, of course, raises the question: where are they getting these passages for their spam-steganograph? Thanks to Google, now we know.

The bit above, for example, is from The Story of Tangalimlibo, which is apparently a Xhosa folktale. I hadn't realized that the Xhosa were so into cyber-hucksterism. But have a look at this next one:

that nothing can shake my confidence in you for a moment, Lordofthemuppets, Our US Pharmacy is Open to You! distrust of Owen; and to omit altogether a reference to the conduct which
We Now Have Xanax, Valium, Levitra, and Faster Acting Viagr@ SoftTabsrevived in a
modified form. [30] The only warfare Sun Tzu knows
From US Pharmacies, not Mexico or Pakistanthronged the amphitheatre, and watched
exultingly while man slew
with more fitness than to him who had given me life?
Discreet and Fast Next-Day Shipmentsphysiologists. He made also a careful and fairly accurate study
Prescriptions written by US Doctors
The oars, the mast, and the sail are in the canoe. I have even succeeded
Browse our Selection
though distributed into distinct and mutually independent States,

Leaving aside the obvious pharmaceutical pitches, the fragments in this one, in order, are from:

Let's hear it for the public domain, eh?