On Radio Silence

I've been quiet lately. Trust me that it's not because of lack of subject matter. It's because it's so damn hot here.

Okay. It is not actually "so damn hot" here. West Coast people are wusses. It hit something like 85 today, and I swear there were people claiming that it was "definitely" over 100. Back when I was an East Coast person, I lived through summers far worse. Hell, I've lived through worse stretches on this very coast. But it is so damn hot here compared to how hot it normally is, and even compared to how hot it was earlier this week.

So I'm hot and sticky, and my computer is a little furnace. Just about the last thing I want to do is stick it in my lap for an extended spell, especially since the only way I'm comfortable tying involves sitting in a comfy chair with my arms close to my sides (ergo, ergo ergo), which just amplifies the whole concentrated ball of heat effect.

At work, I don't have much choice: I type for an hour or so, then go sit in the conference room (the room with air conditioning) for a spell. But at home, the length of this entry is about the limit of my heat patience.

I'm going back to my book.