Scenes from Two Weddings

Me: Hey, Will!
Will: Grimm. What's up?
Me: Sorry to bother you again, but do you have Keith's phone number? He was supposed to meet me for lunch before the wedding. But that was an hour ago and I don't know where he is.
Will: Ummm, sure. Let me look it up for you. Oh, can you hold on for a moment?
Me: Sure.

Keith: Will! How are you doing?
Will: What a coincidence! I'm on the other line with Grimm and--
Keith: Oh, no! I was supposed to meet him and I totally forgot!
Will: Yeah, he was--
Keith: I'll talk to you later. I need to go call him right away.

Me: Will. Hi, sorry about dropping out like that. My phone said "signal faded."
Will: No problem. Actually it was Keith on the other line--
Me: Where was he? Is he okay? Did he say where he was?
Will: Ummm, no. He said--
Me: Never mind. I'll talk to him. Got his number?
Will: Yeah. It's [actual number redacted].
Me: Let me check: [actual number redacted], is that right?
Will: Yes.
Me: Okay, talk to you soon.

Keith: Will.
Will: Yeah? You okay? Grimm sounded worried.
Keith: Mostly. I forgot that I don't have his number.
Will: sigh. Okay. It's [different actual number redacted].
Keith: Okay. Thanks.

Me: Will?
Will: Yeah?
Me: Were you just on the phone with Keith?
Will: He didn't have your number, so he called me back to ask for it.
Me: Aha. I just called him and got his voice mail. If you talk to him, tell him to stay off the phone and wait for me to call!
Will: Ok . . . .

Keith: Hey, Will!
Will: loud gibbering noises. Grimm says to stay off the phone. He just--
Keith: I called that number you gave me, but it went over to his voice mail immediately like he didn't have his phone on.
Will: even louder gibbering noises. He just called you and got your voice mail!
Keith: That's weird. My phone didn't say anything. I must have been talking to you at the time.
Will: He wants you to stay put and not call anyone! That way he can get through to you!
Keith: Actually, he's standing right here next to me.
Me: Hey, Will!
Will: groans