Carissa’s Wow

Carissa's Wierd is the best band in the world. I first saw them two years back, in Seatte, and proceeded to go to every show they played for the next year. While I'm a sucker for violin rock in general, Carissa's Wierd is special. They've found that secret point at which lonliness becomes comfort and sorrow turns to salvation.

Everyone I could talk into checking them out fell just as deeply in love with them as I did. Their following was small, but insanely loyal. The local alternative paper pimped for them shamelessly. And it looks like all of this hard work is paying off -- they're kicking off a national tour, and their new album is getting national distribution (I've seen it in a record store in Maryland, too).

It is your duty to buy this album right now. I suggest that you buy it here; other than getting it at a show (national tour coming soon!), this is the best way to kick back maximal royalties to the Wierdsters. (Last I heard, Jenn and Mat, the band's singer-songwriter-souls were working washing dishes at Bimbo's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen, itself a fine establishment, so they could use the money). You won't regret it. Their earlier two albums are also excellent, if somewhat harder to obtain (as is Jenn's fine solo album). But you could try calling Sonic Boom Records.

If you believe in trying before you buy, their new label, Sad Robot Records has a few of their songs up as MP3s; they also recorded a great live performance on KCMU, I mean KEXP, a few months ago. I'll post details of their tour schedule as soon as Sad Robot puts them up; if you're in a city on their route, it's your moral obligation to attend.

Honestly, words are failing me here. I'd like to take each and every one of you by the lapels and shout the praises of Carissa's Wierd at you, except that if Carissa's Wierd is about anything, shouting is not it. But if you click on one link from the Lab this year, let it be from this story. I think that that first concert of theirs may have been the event that convinced me that Seattle was destined to be my home. What might their music do for you?

And, oh, yes, the spelling is deliberate.