Not Cool, Folks

Sometime this week, parties unknown filled my garbage pail with their trash. Perhaps I should say "party unknown," because it was all beer bottles and empty junk food bags. They pulled the same delightful trick on most of my neighbors: just about every garbage pail for our building was full of white bags with red drawstrings.

Say it with me, folks: "NOT COOL!"

Also this week, the Republican Club at school held a Toys for Tots drive. They tabled in the cafeteria collecting donations. Apparently, a fair number of people came over to the table and pulled out their checkbooks, only to put them away again upon noticing who was sponsoring the event.

Say it loud, say it proud: "NOT COOL!"

Given this recent spate of poor form all around me, I've decided not to post my latest essay. Although I think it makes a valid point, there's no way for it to make that point without my harshing on one particular individual along the way. And as much as I think someone ought to go house on him, I think also that the world could use a respite from house-going this weekend.