On Familiar Ground

Something bothered me about the latest Star Wars movie. No, not the ethnic stereotypes, the terrible dialogue, or the boring battle scenes. It wasn't even the ridiculous name of the Christopher Lee character (Duke Countu? Count Dooku of Earlu?). No, what stuck in my head was the feeling that I'd _seen this before_.


I clipped this MSNBC graphic a while back, just because the facial expressions and hand gesture are priceless. "Someday son, this will all be yours." Or, maybe, "Do you think the subhead should be a little lower down? Let me adjust it." But that background! That's Lake Como, where the strangely tedious love scenes for Episode II were filmed. Sure, Lucas turned the color saturation all the way up, but that ain't no alien planet.

When you think about it, actually, the Dubya/Pope meeting has some eerie resonances with the Star Wars backstory. A wizened spiritual elder working on an arrogant but easily-influenced youth, passing along his twisted ideology? It strikes me as no more implausible than most of the baloney spouted about the Star Wars movies.