I can't do justice to Sam Sloan's universe, so eerily similar to ours, and yet so scarily different. Sloan plays chess, he likes sex, and he files his own lawsuits. Lots of chess, lots of sex, and lots and lots of lawsuits.

One really needs to poke around the site for a while to take the full measure of his obsessions and fears. I've assembled a sort of annotated linkography of the more salient threads running through it; for every link I've pulled out, there are a dozen equally astounding ones I haven't.

And, oh yes, be sure to have your computer speakers turned on before you proceed.

Have you argued a case before the Supreme Court?

The Berkeley Sexual Freedom League

"I was President of the Berkeley Sexual Freedom League in 1966 and 1967. I did not found the organization. Jefferson Poland actually thought up the name. However, his was just a publicity stunt. Poland had no actual organization. I also did not organize the first sex orgy. Richard Thorne did that. Thorne looked and talked so much like actor Bill Cosby that I once believed that they were the same person. Thorne disappeared not long thereafter and changed his name to Ohm. However, I was the first person who organized weekly sex orgies on a regular basis."

Published author

Legal trouble with Miss America

Secrets of seduction

"There are only two ways I can think of to get 365 women: One is to establish a religion. The other is to become the ruler of a country. The question is: How big a country?"

The Jalalabad Defense

"The Jalalabad Defense was invented by me in 1978 during the six weeks that I was in Jalalabad Prison, Afghanistan."

The saga, part one

The saga, part two

One man, one taxicab, and seventy-seven hours