I'm saddened by the story of Danny Pearl, and I'm angered. I want to find the villains who did this and throw them in the clink until they rot. And let's make sure their cells all have pictures of his smile, so that every day for the rest of their long and penitential lives they'll be reminded what their monstrous crime took from the world.

I have no sympathy for these murderers, none. I want to say that I can't understand why they did it, but that's not true. I mean, I know what they wanted, what their demands were and what they said about him, but I just don't care. Whatever willingness I may have formerly had to listen to them disappeared when they slit Danny Pearl's throat.

What were they thinking? What else did they expect? That I was going to be more sympathetic because they brutally murdered a kind and gentle man who was just trying to listen? No, no, no! It doesn't work like that.

And I can't understand how they could possibly have thought that it would. That's insanity, that's the definition of arrogance, that's utterly failing to recognize that other people are, well, people. And of course people are going to be outraged at such misdirected and gratuitous violence.

I just wish that people in the U.S. who talk about "getting tough on terrorism" could appreciate this fact, too.