Whz I Am Evil

While travelling, I am using a Hotmail account for emergencz contact purposes; everz few dazs we find an Internet cafe and check in. In Austria, this meant free roadside kiosks, although we usuallz had to wait in line behind Viennese teens sending SMS messages. In Hungarz, we need to paz, but not much: usuallz around 10 forints a minute -- that is, two bucks an hour. The onlz trickz part is the Hungarian kezboards, which swap 'y' and 'z.'

One daz, we go to a different place than we usuallz do and I find mzself unable to log into Hotmail. Javascript is diabled in the browser, without which the stupid Microsoft web site will not work. But this is a problem I can handle, even in a Hungarian version of Internet Explorer with menus in Hungarian: I can find mz waz to the securitz settings page without much trouble, which is a sign, I suppose, that I know IE a little too well.

Once there, however, I can't figure out which of the several hundred toggles controls JavaScript in pages, so I take the nuclear approach and disable all securitz checks for the Internet yone, something I can do bz clicking on the little globe icon and then dragging the slider to the bottom of the scale. Poor user securitz transcends all national and linguistic barriers.