The Nakedness of it All

Site redesign hesitantly underway. I've deleted the external links for now. All seven of them have stopped doing daily updates, much as I have. They're all still great sites, but I stand in a different relation to them now, and different relations demand different designs.

I've also pulled down my Amazon paybox and associated cookie-demonstration box. Experiment concluded; I feel I've made my point. To my own shock, some four people actually used it to send me money. While I didn't come any where near my goal of $843,709, I will be writing a check for $13.36 to Oxfam.

I actually removed the JScript navigation feature from the navbar a few weeks ago. Since nobody complained, or even commented, I'm assuming it's not much missed.

In terms of where I'm going with this, readability is still not where I'd like it to be. I'm committed to delivering reasonably long-form writings through the web, and I'd like to make the experience of reading through a long paragraph to be more pleasant. Getting rid of some of the extraneous whitespace should help. Refonting may also be on the agenda. I'd also like to bring the technical writings and the fiction back.