Genre Benre

Complete with Dogme-95-themed manifesto, it's a video weblog! Sadly, a number of things have tempered, perhaps unfairly, my appreciation of the idea.

One, I'm not sure about the etymological reasoning behind calling it a "vog." Two, my fascination by the enigmatic rule number nine of of the manifesto ("a vog is dziga vertov with a mac and a modem") was a bit reduced by the obligatory web search, from which I learned that Dziga Vertov was a post-Constructivist Soviet filmmaker. Third, something about the layout makes me feel as though the form is too much influenced by the dominant design patterns of weblogs. I'd have thought that some other spatial arrangment besides the familiar reverse-chronological weblog (with embedded video boxes) might have been more felicitious in exploring the possibilities of sequentially arranged video on the web.

Most tragically, though, I can't get the video streams to play for me. I've tried from three different computers now, and the best I've managed is a single still frame from each. I'm stuck in one of those dancing-about-architecture situations: I can see everything about this project except for those parts from which it derives its identity. If anyone can see the video segments, reader reviews will be welcomed with demonstrations of gratefulness.