A Brief Note for Lotvs-Readers

That phone number is real, in the sense that if you dial it, an actual phone will ring.

Which is not to say that an actual person will pick it up. Please note that any resemblance to any people, living or dead, real or fictional, or to any actual events, is entirely coincidental (with certain exceptions, but those people have been explicitly told of the uses I'm making of their experiences and ideas, and have equally explicitly consented to those uses). About this, I am not kidding. If something seems familiar about Ben's story, then it's entirely because certain things really are universal, or because I've managed to succeed in my attempts to recreate the feeling of reality and the resonances of certain experiences. Ben has his secrets, sure, but if you're looking for mine, you should look closer to home than in that far-off Land. 13'12'00