Deep-Sea Diving Suit

Cold still with me. I was drinking hot fluids basically non-stop today: it's been true all day that if I've had something hot to drink in the last five minutes, I feel fine, but all unpleasant and sniffly otherwise.

No cough, no throat troubles, and even my sinuses aren't all that achy. The principal effect of this particular cold is mental: my mind is sluggish, and I'm conscious of having to push through a goopy cloud of brain-mucus in order to formulate thoughts.

In my current mental state, creating new content is somewhat beyond me, and thus, I've added what I think will be the last round of stuff to the rants page. The latest collection is called "Arts and Sciences," and if that's not a grab bag, I don't know what is. The big prize there is The Sounds of Science, which hasn't been available anywhere on the Lab until now (although the really long-time readers will recognize it from the Potato-Eaters days).

I've also added "Notes on an Interview" to the stories page. Where am I going? The question is as relevant now as it was in 1998, or in 1999, perhaps more so. As in interviews, the answers are not as easy to find as the questions. 5'12'00