A Major Rebranding

DALLAS, Texas -- (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) -- Dec 2, 2000 --

DotComGuy Announces Major Rebranding, To Become PToPGuy

DotComGuy, the world leader in voluntary online privacy intrusion, today announced a major reorganization designed to refocus his key brand strengths and expand into to burgeoning peer-to-peer market. "Having been in the symbolic forefront of the e-commerce revolution, I'm very excited to take a leadership role in driving peer-to-peer to the next level it can achieve," said DotComGuy. As an indication of this new focus and as a brand-building move, he will change his name, effective January 1st, 2001, to "PToPGuy."

DotComGuy, who has been living in a webcast house and living entirely on goods and services purchased online, will transition to his new peer-to-peer role at the conclusion of his current sponsoring relationships. Springboarding off his large Internet fanbase, he will move into an existence entirely supported through the efforts of other innovative early-adopters. Using the revolutionary file-sharing technology pioneered Napster and partnering with other major ventures in the peer-to-peer arena, PToPGuy will use peer-to-peer technology to barter for food and other goods.

"I want to thank all the fans who've helped make the DotComGuy dream a reality," said DotComGuy, "And I think that the new brand really recognizes their role in the next-generation Internet and gives them the recognition they deserve. I'm looking forward to partnering with them in making PToPGuy even more successful. Honestly, dot-com just isn't where it's at anymore. P-to-P is the wave of the future."