Vasco da Gama

Here ya go. In addition to cleaning up some display quirks and micromanaging some of the spacing issues, I've activated the in-page navigation system. Clicking on the name of any of my postings from the previous week will send this page into "compact mode," displaying only that particular item. From compact mode, click on the "Return to Expanded Mode" buttons at the top if you want to go back to the traditional Lab columnular format. I've supplied compact mode as a way around the ungainliness of the traditional everything-at-once format, especially towards the end of the week.

Standard caveats, one, this will probably not work on older browsers, and will definitely not work if you have scripting off, but I've done my dangedest to retain down-level, so the page should remain visible in the old-school one-huge-column format it's always had. Also, this is strictly an in-page system: if you hit "back" you'll go back to whatever page sent you to the Lab, not to the previous entry you were looking at. Enjoy.