Literary Conflicts

Tomorrow is one of those conundrum situations. Neal Pollack will be reading from his new book, The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature, at Elliott Bay. Given, first, that Pollack is an Eggers crony (and has even been accused of being Eggers) and second, that Pollack has publicly stated that he wants book readings to have the same glamour as rock concerts, this will probably be a pretty crazy event. Plus, I'm just burning up to ask Pollack a question about the book, to wit, "Why?"

That said, Mark Z. Danielewski will also be in town tomorrow, but at Borders. I missed him when he was actually touring with House of Leaves, so this is kind of a chance to jump in there again and see the regular-guy blue-haired genius for real. He's appearing with his sister, the musician, known to the world as Poe, who's got a new album coming out at the end of the month. The two of them have one of those really strong sibling bonds, and there are supposedly connections between his book and her music, although I don't know the latter well enough to know what the connections might be.

Quick, Hobbes, to the cloning machine!