Wonder Boy

Michael Chabon read from The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay this evening to a packed house down at Elliott Bay. He read a quite funny excerpt from fairly early on, and he did quite a job getting into the characters and doing the voices. It was a bit disturbing, though, in that people that good-looking aren't supposed to have to turn to writing, that is, to a medium in which you can't see the artist.

Chabon has a Web site, which I came across while looking for his tour dates (not available, when I looked, from the Random House web site, which tells me all I need to know about the state of the American publishing industry). While poking arount it, I came across this essay, an inspired fantasia sparked by his coming across a secondhand copy of a book entitled Say It In Yiddish.

Back here in this world, on my way back to my car, a guy in a pickup truck drove by and held a hand-lettered sign saying "FUCK MY WIFE" out the window so I could see it, then drove away.

No clue. None whatsoever.