What Dreams May Come

Looks like I'm back in dreaming mode. For me, dreams come in bursts of a couple weeks, during which I have dreams basically every night. They're typically fairly vivid, and look a lot like reality, except that they should have turned left at Albuquerque. Last night's seems like a fairly typical introduction to the genre: for some reason, my division at work was ordered, en masse, to join the circus. There were a whole bunch of scenes that revolved around me packing a steamer trunk and then having to rush to meet the bus that was going to take us to the circus train. Then, I had a meeting with my manager, where he told me that I'd been assigned to be a clown. While he recognized that this might not the most appropriate job for me (I think he mentioned lion-taming and trapeze as better possibilities), I should make the best of it while he talked to his manager about getting me transfered out of the clown car.