The Legend Lives On

The good news is that Slap Maxwell, one of my all-time favorite Internet content providers, is back, in the sense that there's an an actively-maintained site that has some of his classic Crash Site work, and to which he would appear to be a contributor. He's apparently not actually working as a stuntman in Hong Kong cinema, but our loss at the movie theater is our gain on the 'Net. The even better news is that his Quicktime tribute to pain is available again. The bad news is that Slap can't find any copies of his Boredom movie, which, I must say, is even more inspired. Especially if you first see it late at night when you're not really doing anything and then your roommate pops in and tells you a URL to type in and then the two of you wish you had red jumpsuits and fire extinguishers just like Slap. Boredom as brilliance. The Rapid Response Team has been alerted, but if there are any other Crash Site fans out there with your own private archives, now is the time to speak up, for the benefit of humanity's collective memory. Also in his Land of Plenty archives, such gems as Slap illustrating how to run over a car, and the following advice:

In life, you want to be the first. Always. o when your car full of people is crossing a state/county/country line, make sure a part of your body is the farthest forward in the car. Be fast, be sneaky, stick your whole damn leg out the front window. If you are the first, you are the best- make sure everyone in the car knows they are your inferior.