But Don’t Him Suit Fit Fine

Today was supposed to be only eleven hours or so. Get out at ten, well, okay, probably closer to ten-thiry or eleven, given when I actually got moving in the morning, come home and eat the last of the coconut-stuffed bananas, and then in some sort of two-hour miracle burst of inspiration, completely redo the site design and add this way-cool navigational system I came up with (although I'd have estimated that task as being one and a half to two days at work, which tells you something either about my working habits or about my degree of hubris when it comes to this site). Yeah, well, one thing led to another, and it turned into fourteen hours today, and I'm not so stupid as to try and write code for the Lab with what is now a couple hours past the time when I consider anything further I do to be time stolen from my sleep time, but I am stupid enough to write an update or two. Just one for the road <hic>. I could babble on for hours about the cool stuff I made work today, and indeed, I'd go right ahead and do just that, except that it would take hours to fill in all the details that are required to explain why I think it's so cool. It's not even really that it was super-difficult or that I'm making possible something never-before seen: somehow all the details were just really neat, and I could just ramble on about why it's so cool to pass through the double-pointer out parameter that way and blah de blah blah blah. Either I've been really effectively brainwashed or I'm more than a little punch-drunk.