Mood-Altering Shit

Ice cream, some Purcell, and a good novel. The best indicator of overall mood may not bee how high the ecstatic parts of your day are, or how infrequently you really bottom out and curse the skies above, or even what the rolling average of your mood is across some period of hours or weeks. The real question is how you deal with things, how easy it is to slide back up into peaceful contentment after stressful bits. It's been a brutal week, very long days at work, not really enough sleep, and some really irritating bugs (all of which turned out not to be my fault, which is small consolation after you've spent hours tracking them down), and I'm going back for another round tomorrow. But I've gone to sleep every night in a good mood, and I've shown up in my office in a good mood every morning, no matter how zorched I am by the evening. Ice cream, some Purcell, and a good novel.