Black Mask

So Ben is like, "Those capes, and those sunglasses! This is so clearly the inspiration for The Matrix." And I'm like, "Yeah, and did you see what he did with those wires? Jet Li is like the greatest artist alive with flexible stuff!" And Ben goes, "Which all goes to prove what we learned from The Matrix: all this martial arts is fine, but it's so much more fun when it's superhuman!" And I go, "Yeah."

As a movie, pretty crappy, sure, but the total quantity of kicked ass in it is huge, and there's something about Jet Li that covers up plot holes, bad dubbing, an intrusive hip-hop soundtrack. Kind of the same way he saved Romeo Must Die from utter crapitude. Oh, how we partied when we heard the Boba Fett rumor, and how much harder we partied when we heard the genuine news that he's doing the Matrix sequels.