Mother Nature Loves Us

Ben's in town for a four-day weekend until his apartment in Pasadena opens up. So yesterday we did a bunch of non-touristy touristy things, me basically using the chance to show him around as a sort of self-justification about this city I've chosen to plunk down in. Well, my best guess is that the city saw what I was up to and decided to do its part for my sales pitch. We were up in Discovery Park with a damn-the-rain attitude, there was enough sun out over the Sound that I was sure the view would be pretty nice. And so it was, but the best part of the view was actually on the inland side: the rain was slowing and there was the most amazing rainbow behind us.

It was a double rainbow -- there was a second one arcing outside the first, a ghostly companion. But beyond that, it was the brightest rainbow I've ever seen. The bands were thick and bright, clear and distinct all the way from red through puruple -- the yellow looked just like a crayon. It arced all the way from horizon to horizon, clear and brilliant the entire way. It was breathtaking, and we stood there looking at it for a few minutes as the rain petered out and it gradually faded away.