On Convergence

There aren't actually all that many people in the world; connections keep on collapsing around me. Was out walking yesterday evening, when who should I see but a fellow I saw performing at Bumbershoot (not one of the actual acts, just one of the (I assume) officially-sanctioned extra musicians wandering around), heading into an apartment building. So I now know the exact apartment this guy lives in, which is a completely unimportant piece of information, except that it isn't a piece of information I'd ever have expected to gain.

Then, today, at a harvest party thrown by a guy I used to work with, I saw some people who looked kinda vaguely familiar. Then I placed them -- I'd met them at Bumbershoot, where they'd know the people I'd been hanging out with and our groups had exchanged brief introductions. We started talking, and it turned out their connection to the party-thrower was through this other guy whose name I'd known for years but had never met -- except that I had, at Bumbershoot, and (not having his last name) hadn't made the connection. That might not even be all -- a couple of us couldn't shake the strange feeling we'd met somewhere else before, too, but damned if we could remember where.