Now I Get It

Our division had its summer party today -- they chartered a boat and took us out on the Sound for a bit. Now and then, some of us would duck out onto the bow and look out at the grain silos near the Magnolia Bridge, or some such similar Puget Sound landmarks, but for most of the time, it was basically that they'd put us in a big room that shook around a lot. I do, however, now understand the motivation behind the whole "open bar" concept. Especially after today at work, which was bascially a lost day, meetings floor to ceiling, a couple of which actually counted as negative progress in terms of understanding and achieving our goals. At one point I went back to my office, closed the door, and just started shaking my various shakable limbs to calm down. I individually like every single person I had any contact with today; it's just that collectively, in meeting-type situations, something goes horribly wrong.