A Bad Joke

The plastic surgeons had been preparing for months. With their innovative transplant technology, anyone could go the website, enter some simple information (your privacy fully guaranteed!) about their head shape, and receive (complementary upgrade to priority shipping in the first month of service!) a form-fitted latex mask, guaranteed to be completely indistinguishable from the real face underneath, except for being perfectly wrinkle-free, with radiantly clear and healthy feel and texture. But would it succeed? They'd blanketed the airwaves with ads, done their magazine interviews, sent out all the press releases. At midnight, they opened their site for business, and held their breath. And then, at 12:24, the first order came in, followed by another, and then another. As the day progressed, and the count climbed into the hundreds, they realized that it would be forever remembered as the launch that shipped a thousand faces.