Say it with me: Tequiza!

It's a putrid beverage, but it's also an easy-to-drink beer isotope. I found this out this afternoon when our VP decided to spend some of the morale budget on Tequizas and tortilla chips for the team. He put the Tequizas on ice on one of the carts usually used to move computers around, and then went around the building, stopping by everyone's office to thrust beer with agave nectar upon us. For those who refused, on grounds of putridity, there were fluorescent malt liquor drinks, and also root beer. I'm still waiting for someone to recognize the common element in malt liquor and Milk Duds. That'll truly be the day to run and hide.

In any case, I'm up on the third floor, so by the time the Tequiza cart reached my office, it'd trundled up and down the length of the building a whole bunch of times, and the VP had four Tequizas in him. It was a fun sight. Later, a bunch of us were talking about disgusting drinks, and I learned that the Germans like to mix beer with Sprite, and some benighted nation I don't remember takes their beer wtih apple juice. There are the great things you learn when you work on a team with a strong international background. The great benefits of diversity -- you get to learn that human stupidity and human insanity are truly universal.