Tweaks to the Site

An overly dedicated reader went to the trouble of debugging my stylesheet against Netscape and found the offending attribute that causes crashes with blockquotes. I've since excised it, which should make the Lab considerably more Netscape-friendly. Oddly enough, it was a "width" attribute, which was one of the standards-compliant attributes, much to my surprise. Then again, Netscape's CSS track record isn't so good, so standards-compliant isn't really the issue, I guess. In any event, I took the chance to actually wipe the non-standard attributes from the CSS. There are a couple of issues with the HTML content, but I think I know all the steps I'll need to take to bring it into compliance (the hardest one being the encoding issue of generating the doctype definition at the top of the output HTML from an XSL stylesheet), so I at least have that roadmap in hand.

Also, the date numbering for the last couple days was wrong, so I've corrected a couple of dates retroactively.